Garret Lapi

Garret Lapi

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First Name * Garret
Last Name * Lapi
Username * garretlapi
Country * USA
City Salamanca
Languages English



Availability: student


My name is Garret Lapi, i’m a Visual Effects and Motion Graphics artist. I came from Ellicottville, NY, a small town, and moved to Pittsburgh to study at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I fell in love with cameras at a young age; filming every thing I could. In high school, I started to learn more about film: editing clips together, using After Effects to add graphics, and using Photoshop to help stylize photos. Since then, I moved on to more professional software to take my passion even further. I love being able to create something from nothing, using your friends’ and your own creative thoughts to make something beautiful. So, check out my work and enjoy.